Wednesday, 16 June 2010

My hand, my craft room and other news!

First off, I will tell you all about my hand. I have 2 fractures, one in my wrist, the other in my knuckle of my little finger. Both are on my right hand and guess what? I am right handed, so this is being typed with my left hand.
I was injured at work, no-one's fault, but my God does it hurt! Anyway, I am currently off work due to this injury, but can't even fill the time with any crafting. I am sooo bored!

On to better things now :-)

Even though I can't do any crafting at the moment, it doesn't stop me wanting to sit in my craft room flicking through my mags and books. As I was bored with the way my craft room looked, I enlisted the help of my darling hubby to redo it for me. I had a pine table that is used as my desk, but it was that horrible orangey pine colour, so I got Hubby to paint it a pale cream colour (lots of coats) then sand the edges, then smother it all in layers of varnish. I also got him to do the same to an old side table and decorative shelf unit.
I spent a morning at a bootfair where I found bits to go in my room and while I was helping Craig to find a desk for his bedroom, I came across 2 sets of old index drawers. Well, I just had to have them, they were screaming out to be filled with my wood mounted rubber stamps. I paid £50 for both and I love them. Hubby and Craig think I am daft paying that amount of money for wooden drawers, but I don't care, they are mine :)
Here are some photo's of my room. It's not finished yet, I have 2 sets of red ikea metal drawers that are going to be painted cream and I need a curtain pole put up, so I can hang curtains instead of having the blind.
Other news- I got 63% for my latest uni assignment; which I am really pleased about as the assignment went completely wrong and I had to do something different to the required elements. I have nearly finished my second year at uni, just need to get my portfolio finished then that can be handed in, hopefully within the next week it will be completed.

Craig has completed his first year at uni and he got fantastic marks for his exams, including 3 marked at A1. I am so proud of his attainments.

Well, that's about all my news for now, hope you have enjoyed seeing my craft room.