Friday, 25 April 2008

Today is the Day

As anyone who 'lives' over at UKS knows, today is the start of the cyber crop and how excited are we all:)

It is also the first day of Shimelle's challenge called 'Save the day' in which you take photo's on the 25th of each month for a year and at the end you have a record of one day in each month to look back on.

I have completed the pages and the front cover for the book and have been busy snapping away with the camera, weird, I never thought I would take a photo of my ironing pile or the washing hanging on the line, but hey!!!

Here are some photo's of my book and some of the ones I have taken today so far:-

The photo's are- in order from top to bottom- the front cover- the inside pages- a shot of my alarm clocks (yes I have 2) and a shot from my bedroom window (this will change drastically over the year as they are going to be building houses there:(

I am going to be spending tomorrow at my sisters, we are going to be cyber cropping together, so I need to get my kits ready for the challenges and classes, no idea what I will take for the challenges, but luckily she has said I can borrow anything I need. Love you dear twin of mine:)

Well, the dog is asleep on the sofa, Tony is at work, Becky and Craig are both at school and I am wasting time on here when I should be in my craft room getting ready for tonight and tomorrow!!

I will try and get back on here over the weekend, anyway, hope everyone at UKS has a great time at the cyber crop and one last thing........

GO DRAMA QUEENS!!!! ra-ra-ra!

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Scrap your day

Tomorrow; the 25th April; is the first day of Scrap your life, a challenge from Shimelle over on UKS that will be running for a year.

I am so looking forward to this challenge, my book is getting there, my batteries are charged, my camera is upstairs ready and waiting till the morning.

The idea of this challenge is to record a day in my life every month, the same day every month, namely the 25th of each month, some days will show the good, some days will show the bad, but all of these days make up a year in my life.

People are going mad over at UKS about this challenge and are at this moment working up to fever pitch about it:)

The other thing that will be going on this weekend is the cyber crop at UKS, actually the Scrap your life challenge is part of the cyber crop, I have completed the sketch pre crop challenge and here it is:)

sorry about the bad picture lol

Others over on UKS have been a lot more organised than me and most have completed all of the pre crop challenges, and what fantastic work they have all put into them:)

Away from scrapping for a moment I had some great news last night:) I went onto UCAS to see if my application for University has been accepted and My God it has, I have been accepted to the University of Kent, in Canterbury. In October I will be starting Uni life and will be there for three years, studying Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. I am so excited and just so happy about it.

Another thing I need to say is that for the past 9 weeks I have been living and working with a fractured elbow wityhout knowing it. I fell over In February and landed heavily onto my elbow, went to hospital and had xrays, they said that nothing was broken it was just swollen and bruised. OK I thought, so I carried on as normal, carrrying stuff around, working etc. Well, the pain just wouldn't go away so two weeks ago I went back to hospital to get it checked again, more xrays were taken and again a nurse said that he couldn't see any break, but he would get the xrays checked. I came away from there in agony because of the way he pulled my arm about, but again thinking ok so it's still just bruised. But, OH NO!! When I got back from a day out to Rye with my sister last Monday I get told that the hospital had phoned and I need to phone them back. It turns out that I have a fracture in my elbow, so at this moment I am off work, but luckily the consultant says I can go back on Monday, just have to be careful with my arm. I didn't get to have a plaster cast put on as i fractured it so long ago now and it wouldn't do any good.

Damn, this is the first time in my life i have ever broken any of my bones and I don't get a cast, how sad am I to want a cast LOL.

Anyway, I had better get this book finished for the Scrap your life challenge, as soon as it is finished I will put pics here.

later. x

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Such a BAD blogger!!!

I can't believe I haven't blogged for ages, I knew this would happen when I started this blog:)

Anyway, lots has happened since I last blogged, some good, some not so good.

The not so good is that my eldest sister had a bleed in her brain and was rushed to hospital after collapsing at home, she had to have surgery to stop the bleed and after 2 weeks was allowed home, she is now recovering well, thankfully:)

The good news is that I have decided to go to university and study for a degree in Intellectual and developmental disabilities, I have sent off my application and am now waiting to hear if I have a place. I am so keeping my fingers crossed that I get in. I also have a new PC, I am getting used to Vista, but prefer XP, but I am loving having a PC that my daughter can't go on, she has the old one and now we don't fight over who's turn it it. All that needs to be done now is to set up the network with the printer, at the moment if I want to print anything I have to load it onto my memory stick and then go to the other PC to load and print off from there (a right pain if dear daughter is on it at the time).

I am on Easter break at the moment, only 1 week left now though and I have so much to do before I go back to work. I have managed to only get 4 Layouts done this month so far, I feel like I need a kick up the backside to get me scrapping again.

We started re-decorating the kitchen yeterday, Tony plastered part of the wall, I filled in the cracks around the walls that surfaced after the earthquake last year! then we both set about painting the walls a lovely chocolate latte colour. We noticed in B&Q that all their kitchen doors were half price so we measured up and went and bought lovely walnut doors today, only to find when we went to fix the first one to the cabinet that the hinges didn't line up with the drilled holes in the cabinets! Well, after 3 hours Tony had had enough, he had drilled new holes in the cabinet for the hinges and they still didnt meet up, so needless to say the doors will be going back to B&Q tomorrow and I will be painting the existing doors with the chocolate brown paint I originally bought to do them with. I need to take some photo's to go in the kitchen and Tony is getting some small shelves for one wall for all of my cookery books anf then that room will be done, thank goodness!!

Tomorrow I am going to Rye and Hastings with my twin sister for the day, we are going on a photography day out, just us two! Hopefully we will also find a craft shop of some sort to buy a few 'essentials' in, like you do on a day out!!

I loved the snow we had last week and so did Skip, it was his first sight of snow and he wasn't quite sure about it but loved catching snowballs, I managed to get some photo's before it melted.

This is skip catching his first snowball!!

The view from my front window, a lovely sight.
That sight will soon change though as we have workmen buildng new houses opposite us, they make great alarm clocks, making a hell of a racket at 7am!!!! Not nice when I am on holiday!

Well, anyway I have better go and get my camera batteries charged up ready for tomorrow.
I promise that I will keep this blog updated from now on:)