Sunday, 17 May 2009

I have done some crafting, finally!

After not having any time to do any crafting for what feels like ages, I spent all afternoon and most of this evening making crafty stuff for a work colleague who is leaving on Friday.
I made a note book for Big notes, a post it note book for small notes and decorated a gift bag for them to go in.
The top picture is the gift bag, next is the inside of the post it note holder, then the outside of the holder, next is the inside of the big note book and finally the outside of the note book. I used my new cricut cart, home decor for the birds, papermania papers, prima flowers and some cheap blossoms. I am really pleased with the gifts and hope that the recipetent likes them as well!

Friday, 15 May 2009

promarker blog :-)

I have just found a blog that is dedicated to promarkers and wow it is great. The blog is called passion for promarkers. If you are interested in promarkers please go and have a looksie. they are also giving away candy:)

I have given myself the weekend off from anything related to university and will be finishing off a leaving gift nd card for a work colleague. I will put pics of them here when Iahev finished them.
For now, I am going to give myself an early night, so goodnight all.x

Saturday, 9 May 2009

What a wonderful day.

It so was a great day today. My sister called and asked if I would like to go to a craft vilage in Billericky called Barleylands with her, of course I said yes!
Well, what a lovely place, full of fantastic crafts. We went into Pinnacle crafts to start with and OH, what a lovelky shop full of gorgeous stash. This is what I bought there:

Grungeboard, fiskars punch, cricut cart, 3 sets of Kars stamps, Kelly panachi clock stamps
handmade paper.

2 cuttlebug embossing borders, 2 large Cuttlebug embossing folders, 4 small folders. and a cut and emboss set.

Prima 6x6 papers.

We then went into a little shop called Primitive Treasure, My God, I had a field day in there:) There was tons of lovely stuff everywhere you looked. I was looking for lovely bits to go in my craft room and I found loads in this little shop.
Here is everything I bought in there:

I just love these plaques and they will be going in my craft room. I also bought some decorative bits to have in my craft room. The owner also gave me a turning display stand that is about 14" high and an acrylic 2 tiered stand (2 of my new plaques are siting on it and it is about 12" long) that I will have in my craft room to display thing.

I couldn't resist this coffee mug! I will be taking this to uni with me on monday:)

We then popped in Sugar and Spice and I bought a tim holtz mini mask, a papercraft magazine, another Fiskars border punch and some Jenny Bowlin bingo cards:)

We then went to Ikea where I bought some more lovely bits for my craft room including a cushion, a little red patterned bag, a set of three red fabric boxes, a red leather effect desk tidy and 2 sets of metal filing drawers.

All in all I spent a fortune, but had the best day. I will be sorting my craft room out tomorrow and making it look lovely with all my new stuff:)
Big Thanks to my sister Kath for taking me :-)

Monday, 4 May 2009

What a mess!

After having a shopping spree on Saturday and seeing Jane Dean's ribbons in storage jars I thought I would sort my room out. I have not long moved it back into the lounge and an happier in here, but all my stash was just moved in, not sorted out.So yesterday evening I started the mammoth task of sorting it all out. I was happily sitting on the floor sorting my ribbons by colour into tubs I had bought from Poundland when I noticed something moving just in front of me. I got up and looked onto the floor and saw the biggest spider I have ever seen. After screaming and running from the room Tony caught it in one of my ribbon tubs and took it outside, but before he did I got Becky to take a photo of it.
Here is the invader of my craft room:

Now, in case anyone thinks I like spiders let me tell you, I have a complete and utter phobia of these horrible things. I told Tony when he came back in that I didn't want my craft room in here anymore, but he said I have to keep it here as he has already put all the shelving up! I had to leave the room last night after moving the ribbon tubs.
This morning I decided to carry on with my sorting and this is the mess I have around me now:

As you can see it's a bit of a mess and I am wishing I didn't start now, but I have to get it finished today as am back at work tomorrow.

You may also have noticed my ironing board laying on it's side in the bottom picture, the reason that is there is because it is the only thing that will stop my dog coming in here when I have stuff on the floor. Bless him he lays the other side, but won't jump over it to come in LOL.

I also bought a cushion for my craft chair, it is lovely and I bought it from The merchant Chandler along with a decorative hanging hook thing. It did originally have a picture of jams in it, but i managed to take that out an put one in I made for it. It is going to go up in my craft room.

Well, I can't stay on here all day, I must get this room sorted out and just hope that no more spiders come for a visit!
Thanks for popping by. x

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Choc's away!

I have made a leaving album for someone at work and the people who asked me to make it gave me these.

Now, can anyone guess what I was more excited about? ...................................

Yes, you guessed it I was more excited about the ribbon and the pattern on the box, not really interested in the chocs inside. I also saw a great idea for a LO using the box lid as inspiration. Will have a go at using this inspiration tomorrow and will post it here when it's done:)

2nd May, National Scrapbooking Day

What a perfect day to go stash shopping:-)
I went, with my sister to the new scrapbook shop that is situated in Faversham (just outside Faversham to be exact) today and WOW, what a lovely shop and in such a gorgeous setting. The shop is called Pickleberry Papercrafts. We were offered coffee or tea as soon as we went inside and also the most gorgeous cupcakes, well it would have been rude to say no wouldn't it:-) Me and my sister had a good wander around the shop buying stash, then sat and took part in a free make and take, Thanks Girls that was great:) We then did a second sweep of the shop and found even more stash to buy. We also had a look in Jane Dean's studio, How amazing a place is that, I so wish my craft room looked like that!

Here is all the stash I bought while I was there.

Here is a couple of pictures of the free make and take session, sorry about the blurryness of the first picture.

We both had a great time and I can't wait to go back again soon:)

After leaving Faversham we popped to Scrapbook sisters where I spent a few more pennies on these. I can't believe how much ric rac I bought, but i love it:) The little pack at the top of the photo is a pack of playing cards with lovely japanese pictures on them, I couldn't resist:)

We then popped into Bybrook Barn on the way home and I bought these:

I don't usually buy the goody bags, but I had just paid £10 for a pack of 12x12 and a pack of handmade 8x8 when I noticed the same paper packs in the goody bag along with lots of other stash, so I swapped the paper packs for the goody bag, and for an extra fiver I got lots of stuff in the bag. The transparancies I just love, first time I have seen these, so had to buy both of them.

We also stopped and Kath took some photo's of the Bluebell Woods, what a lovely sight. I, of course had forgotten my camera, but Kath took a couple of photo's for me. Thanks Kath:-)

I had a great day, spent loads of money and really enjoyed going out after being indoors for the best part of a month, firstly due to feeling very down then due to my son needing someone to care for him after having an operation. I am now going to go and stroke all my new stash:)
bye for now.