Monday, 31 August 2009

Yummy CANDY.

For a chance to win some gorgeous candy go to Glitter me silly, It's a fantastic blog with loads of great inspiration.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

More candy!

Do you like candy? do you really like candy?? If so, hop along to Fluttabyz Crafty Haven where she has a set of Gorguss girl stamps to give away as well as some great inspiration, I am keeping my fingers well and truely crossed for this candy :-) Good luck everyone, x

For another chance to win some more lovely candy visit Layin' rubber ink, she also has a great blog that needs a leisurely wander through, so grab a coffee, sit down and go blopping for the chance to win some candy :-)

candy, candy, candy!!

Check this blog out for some gorgeous candy to celebrate their 1 month blogerversary. A lovely blog to visit for any reason not just the candy :-)

Also, while you are there, check this gorgeous candy out :-)

oooh blog candy

Just a quick post tonight, I want to tell you about Craftfairy who has some gorgeous candy to give away, prima flowers no less :-) My favourite embellishment to use.
Please go and have a look, her blog is great with some lovely cards to help inspire you and what's more she has posted about her new craft room on there with photo's of each stage of readiness and the turmoils that go with trying to decorate a new craft room when you have a pile of stash to try to keep under some sort of control!
take care, xx

Friday, 28 August 2009

Christmas is getting near!!

So I decided to start christmas card making! I am pleased with the ones I have made so far and will probably use the same layout for the others I need to make. (if it works, why change it!).
Here are the cards I have made so far, I have made 5 of each card...

I have also made some birthday and general cards, I made 2 of each of them,they are here...

These are the first crafty things I have made for what seems like ages, even though I have had the last 6 weeks off work (gotta love the summer holidays). The main reasons for not getting much crafting done are the worrying that has been going on in this house whilst C was waiting for his A level results, then the panic about him getting into the uni of his choice, luckily it has all worked out great for him. Now we are busy making lists of what he needs to take with him and just how much it will cost us!!
B got her GCSE results yesterday and she did really well, we are so very proud of her, she has Aspergers and learning difficulties and she hasn't had a good time at secondary, all the way through it she was bullied, both physically and mentally, so her results are all the more impressive to us. So, tomorrow evening we are taking C and B out for a celebration meal and drinks :-) Love you both xx.
I have finished my first year at Uni, just waiting for my marks now, I was hoping to get an idea of how well I had done before the second year starts, but it looks like I won't find out until I go back in September!! I am just hoping that I have passed!
I am sitting here at my desk looking out of the window and can see the clouds in the sky and the wind blowing the trees, oh how I love this time of year, fresher during the day and cooler in the evenings, but not cold enough to have the quilt back on the bed yet (Dear Husband thinks it is though!). I am hot enough already, the quilt will just make me feel like a jacket potato wrapped in bacofoil and sitting in the oven!!! How old do you have to be before you can start to entertain the idea of single beds I wonder!!
Anyway, I am going to go and make myself a nice cup of tea before I start an epic card making session again.
Thanks for reading xx.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Life is good

It's been ages sinece I last posted here but as the title states, life in my world is good at the moment. Since my last and quite depressing entry, I have got better. The meds are working now and I feel more like my old self. I still have bad days when I don't know what to do, but they aren't every day anymore.
I have finished my first year at University and will be back in September for year 2, I can't wait :)
My darling son C is off to university on the 26th September, he got the A level results needed for his course in Astrophysics, Space Science and Cosmology at Hertfordshire Uni. I am so very proud of him. It is going to be great for him, going to Uni and I am sure he will be fine and make loads of new friends, but I am so going to miss him, we are really close and have a great laugh together, we usually spend an hour late at night, every night just sitting and chatting about usually random stuff :)
We have made a list of all the stuff he will need and By God, it's a very long list which is going to cost me and T a fortune. We have already sent off the first terms payment for his room at Uni, not a small sum either!!

Not a lot else has happened over the summer holidays, took the kids to Chessington, they loved it and B made C go on the rides with her (no way would I go on any, I preferred the zoo), I have made some cards, also made C a recipe book to take to uni with him, I will post pics here when I have taken photos of them!

Ally Pally is on the weekend that we take C up to Uni so I will miss that, I was going to go with my sister and it would have been my first time there, oh well, I will get there next year, hopefully!

Back at work next week, in a class with the same kids, but a different teacher, a newly qualified teacher at that, that's gonna be fun! Luckily I know him and he will make a great teacher, LOL.

Anyway, best get on with making more cards, C wants me to make him some so he can take them with him and use them to send out for birthdays!! Being a poor student won't allow him to buy birthday cards will it!! I can see me having to supply the stamps as well!!!

Thanks for reading, xx