Monday, 30 June 2008

A great Day!

It has been a great day today, my stamps have arrived today that I won on ebay, 2 of them are penny black stamps that I got for a really good price:-)
I spent Sunday playing with my new prisma pencils and I am in love with those pencils :-)
I had a good day at work today, no snidey comments so far, lets just hope it lasts.

The best thing is I have just been on a blog called Spiral Whisper, they are a new company dedicated to stamps, at the moment they are running a competition to name 2 of their lovely stamps, the winner will win some blog candy, but most importantly they will use the winners chosen names for the stamps:) Go and check it out. The launch of their website is 14th July for pre-orders and the site opens proper on the 21st July. Count me in on the pre-ordering ladies, thsoe stamps are just gorgeous:-)

B is doing work experience at my place of work this week and she likes it at the moment, C has now finished school, but he has seen his teachers and asked if he can stay on for another year to make sure he gets the grades he needs to go to university to study astronomy and astrophysics!!!!!!
T has been lovely lately, not sure why, but if he finds out just how much i have spent on ebay lately i am sure he will change his tune VERY quickly!!!! Oh well, it's only money and you can't take it with ya, can you now??
Better go and get the dreaded ironing started.
have a lovely one:-)

Friday, 27 June 2008

The weekend at last:-)

Thank Crunchie it's Friday.
Firstly, I must correct a typo in my last post- I stupidly put the name of a great site as glittergirlz but in fact it is called GutterGirlz!!! Don't know why I put glitter in place of Gutter, must have been using glitter that evening:-)

I have found these amazing things that I must tell you all about!! Prismacolor pencils:-) OK, so you have probably heard about these fantastic little sticks of colour, but it was only this last week that I found out just how gorgeous they really are, they colour like a dream, blend so well it's almost unbelievable and are just the most super colouring medium that I have ever come across!

Anyway, tomorrow I am going to my sisters house for the day and we are going to be crafting in peace, no kids, no husbands, no annoying but lovable dog asking to be stroked, just me and my sister, a pile of patterned paper and loads of craft stuff to play with, pure bliss:-)

I haven't really got a lot to write about today, could carry on letting off steam about work, but what's the point?? I am sure things will pan out eventually, one way or the other!!
One thing though, I have been asked by a friend to make 3 memory books, I just need to know what sort of budget i have to work with then i can get them started. I have also been asked to be editor of our works monthly in-house social newsletter starting in September and I have accepted the position:)
I will keep this updated a bit more regularly, see you all soon. X

Saturday, 21 June 2008

oh Bugger it!

WARNING: there is some swearing in the following post, please do not bother reading it if you have an aversion to swearing!

I have had the crappiest last few days ever at work this week. I so felt like not going in today due to someone making a snide comment yesterday, but went in anyway and then today she does the same bloody thing. If the comment came from anyone else i wouldn't have thought anything about it, but coming from this person made me really angry. I have had just about enough now and I can see me getting into big trouble at work becasue of her if she carries on this way.
I feel like shit anyway, feeling really down at the moment, but trying to hide it at work because i don't like getting sympathy anyway, but worse is from people who are just being sympathetic on the surface but really couldn't give a shit about you, they just give it to look good in front of others. So to be honest i could really do without this rubbish just now!
It's a good job no-one from work knows i have a blog, but just in case anyone does see this from work, "bugger off, this is my space not yours and what i write here has nothing to do with you" LOL.

Anyway, sorry about the swearing, I can't help it, i am still so angry and I have decided that this blog is not only for the stuff i make, but also a place where i can let off steam and say the things that i want to say!
I am just so glad it's the weekend, gives me a couple of days to calm down.

I'm not going to bother writing anymore tonight, probably said too much anway!

But i will say one thing crafty... you have got to check out the GlitterGirlz blog, it is full of great inspiration and challenges, I have put a link into my side bar, go click on it and see what i mean, fanatstic work there:-)

Sunday, 8 June 2008

whoa! so long ago!!

It's been ages since I have blogged, my excuse being that I have a fractured elbow!! I fractured it back in February, but it's still really painful, I am now back at work though, thank god for that, I got sooo bored being at home. (I haven't been off work since I did it though, just the last 5 weeks!!)

My best news is that in October I start University, I am so excited about it. I am sure i ahve already written about it, but now it's all sorted and final. I am taking a 3 yr honors Degree in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. I have all my note books, pens, files and folders at the ready, may buy a laptop if I feel that I will need one.

On the crafting side of my life I have been busy getting my Wales holiday album done, only 8 more pages to do then it will finally be done and dusted, thankfully, I am getting fed up with doing it now and can't wait till it's all done.

C has been taking his A levels this last week and in his spare time he has been playing rock band on his Xbox, my god that drum kit is soo loud and he insists on playing it at stupid o' clock at night!!
B has been getting her course work done for her GCSE's, weird, she is in year 10 and already getting course work done for next year.

I have done Aprils pages for the save the day by Shimelle and have the photo's ready to scrap for May, I will need to get a wriggle on to get then scrapped in the book before the 25th of June hits me at full pelt. This year seems to be going so fast, it's already half way through, not long till Christmas now, HA HA HA HA!!

Well, I feel better for getting this blog up to date, don't think I have missed anything, oh, apart from I have found that I am starting to buy from Ebay again, I haven't bought anything from there in years, but the last couple of weeks has found me winning some crafty goodies at stupid prices, so I am a happy bunny at the moment:)

I will try to keep this updated, but i can't promise, ha ha! Life has a habit of getting in the way sometimes!
bye for now,