Thursday, 16 April 2009

Been gone so long!

I haven't blogged on here for so long. The last entry I made was when I was feeling so down, I have had a couple more episodes of feeling like that since then, but at the moment I feel o.k, just o.k mind, nothing great!
I have no idea where the feelings come from and I promised myself that I would go and see the doctor about it, but now that I feel o.k, I can't see the point in wasting his time and when I feel bad I just don't want to leave the house!
It is half term here and for most of it I have been feeling pretty bad, not wanting to go outside, not wanting to talk to anyone and not having any energy at all, but since Tuesday I have been feeling o.k, so hopefully it will be a long time before the next episode and then I will force myself to go and see the doc!

Anyway, onto better stuff:-)
I am half way through my last assignment for uni, only the dreaded portfolio to get done, I have some stuff to include in it, but it's gonna be hard to get anything substantial to put in it.

I moved my craft room around yesterday, it is now in the lounge at the back (luckily we have a huge lounge). I have found stash that I completely forgot about, all I need to do now is find time to actually put it to good use!
The kids have been great, I am going to Nottingham uni with Craig on wednesday and Tony is going to Hertfordshire Uni the following Wednesday with him so he can decide which uni he wants to go to, I have a feeling it will be Hertfordshire or Nottingham, hopefully Hertfordshire will be his first choice as it is a bit closer to us!

Becky has ben on a church youth group holiday and she loved it,. The best thing is that she actually went and stayed there and didn't phone us to say she wanted to come home on the first night. I had loads of late night texts from her asking me to phone her, but she was fine and stayed the whole time:) What a feat for her, I am so proud of her for taking that huge step:-)

Tony has spent his whole week off work helpnig me move my craft room and re-decorating the downstairs of the house, bless him, he has had backache and a sore throat, but still carried on.

The dog has been as nutty as usual, barking at non existent people at the door and pinching stuff that isn't his to chew to bits, nothing new there then, LOL.

Anyway, better get going now, will try to get some sleep now.

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