Saturday, 2 May 2009

Choc's away!

I have made a leaving album for someone at work and the people who asked me to make it gave me these.

Now, can anyone guess what I was more excited about? ...................................

Yes, you guessed it I was more excited about the ribbon and the pattern on the box, not really interested in the chocs inside. I also saw a great idea for a LO using the box lid as inspiration. Will have a go at using this inspiration tomorrow and will post it here when it's done:)


  1. LOL - I am the same... DH brought home a lovely leather wallet and card case he had been given at work and looked a bit surprised when I pounced on the boxes they came in with shouts of joy!!

  2. lucky you and yes typical scrapbooker talking about ribbon on the package rather than chocs ...though choc is a bonus lol !!!!
    x jayne x

  3. I always keep ribbons too. I volunteer to cut my colleague's ribbons off their clothes (the ones to hang clothes up with) and keep them for stash!