Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Oop's!! Not only have I not been keeping this blog updated but I haven't done any real scrapping either!

I have been busy at work, taking a Braille course and finding it so interesting, I have now finished the course and passed! YEY!. I can read Braille and Moon through sight.

I have also had a bit of a hard time at work from a member of staff who doesn't share my passion for Pec's (a form of communication) and the whole thing upset me for a while, but I am over that now.

I now also have a new Grand daughter called Nola Marie and we met her last saturday, she is the most gorgeous baby i have ever seen with a thick mop of black hair and the cutest little face.

Isn't she just the cutest!!

I had a surprise on Valentines day as well, my dear husband of nearly 20 years finally bought me not only a card, but also a ring, flowers and chocolates, he decided to buy them for me because apparently I always moan about not getting anything from him!! Bless him, I really do love that man :-)

On Sunday he also told me that I can have a new PC and so we took a trip to currys and found one I liked, but he didn't really like the price of!! I finally talked him round explaining that his game would play on it as it had the right graphics card already installed. I am now trying to find my way round vista after being used to xp for years!!

I am now on half term and so should have the time to get all the backlogged scrapping done, including the overlooked challenge and the A-Z journal and any challenges on UKS that i have missed recently!
The weekly challenge on Ukscrappers; which is set by my team this week is now up and I can't believe how many people are taking part in it, there are some fantastic LO's on there, well done to everyone who has taken part so far.

I will upload some LO's during this week; as soon as I get them done!! I think I will start with a LO about my darling Granddaughter.
I also really need to get out and about with my camera, hopefully going to Rye and Hastings on Friday with my twin sister and our daughters for a day out, so loads of opportunities to take some photo's there!! As long as the rain stays away!!
Well, time for housework now, but I promise I will be back on here before the end of the week!

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  1. niki, she is absolutely gorgeous, cant wait to see the lo's you do of her.
    you must keep your blog up to date though. comre on get scrapping and put some of your fantastic lo's on here.