Friday, 25 April 2008

Today is the Day

As anyone who 'lives' over at UKS knows, today is the start of the cyber crop and how excited are we all:)

It is also the first day of Shimelle's challenge called 'Save the day' in which you take photo's on the 25th of each month for a year and at the end you have a record of one day in each month to look back on.

I have completed the pages and the front cover for the book and have been busy snapping away with the camera, weird, I never thought I would take a photo of my ironing pile or the washing hanging on the line, but hey!!!

Here are some photo's of my book and some of the ones I have taken today so far:-

The photo's are- in order from top to bottom- the front cover- the inside pages- a shot of my alarm clocks (yes I have 2) and a shot from my bedroom window (this will change drastically over the year as they are going to be building houses there:(

I am going to be spending tomorrow at my sisters, we are going to be cyber cropping together, so I need to get my kits ready for the challenges and classes, no idea what I will take for the challenges, but luckily she has said I can borrow anything I need. Love you dear twin of mine:)

Well, the dog is asleep on the sofa, Tony is at work, Becky and Craig are both at school and I am wasting time on here when I should be in my craft room getting ready for tonight and tomorrow!!

I will try and get back on here over the weekend, anyway, hope everyone at UKS has a great time at the cyber crop and one last thing........

GO DRAMA QUEENS!!!! ra-ra-ra!

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  1. Love the soft pastel colors of your album!!!