Tuesday, 12 August 2008

I am a bad, bad blogger!!

I don't know without looking when i last posted here, but i know it was a long time ago now!!
Well, in the last few weeks i have been really busy, making 3 leavers books for 2 staff and one pupil who left where i work, all greatly received and loved!!!
I have been doing a scrapbook about our holiday to wales in 2000 (yeah I know it was a long time ago) and only have 5 pages left to do, thank god!
I have also, and most interestingly of all, started researching my family history on Ancestry.co.uk.
I am now in contact with 2 relatives I didn't know i had, one of them is a scrapper as well!!!:)
I am loving finding out about my relatives, reading old birth and marraige certificates, letters, looking at old photo's, etc and I have now even got a copy of my Granddads will (my dad's side), in it he states that he is leaving all of his tools to his son, now i know where my Dad got all the tools that filled the shed up!!!
The only down side to this family history research lark is that i now have a craft room full of bits of paper with scribbled notes and workings out on and i am up till the early hours every night trying to find that elusive relation!!! I have no idea how long T will put up with having to do dinner and all the housework, but i hear him tutting and sighing now and again!!!!!

I have now enrolled at University and need to register and pick up my student ID card in september then the hard work starts!!! oh, i am so looking forward to it!! No, really, I am!!

I would put some pics up of my latest layouts, but i haven't done any over the last 2 weeks, so nothing new really to show you.
I have been asked by a friend to amke a book for her son, he starts uni in sept, he is going to Bangor Uni and so she wants a book for him that his family and friends can write their messages for him in. She brought the photo's round yesterday and all i need to do now is get the book made before next Monday!!!!!
Better get it started then eh!!!
I will keep this updated slightly more often than i have been doing and I will post some pics of my crafting, i promise!
bye for now.

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  1. G'day Nicole,

    I've tagged you for a meme over at my blog.

    Hope you are enjoying a nice week.