Wednesday, 30 December 2009

second post in the same month! I must be ill!!

I think I am having a fit of blogitus. This will be the second post within the same month. Someone take my temperature please! And pick those stunned people up off the floor.

Anyway, among other things, I am blogging about the cat I made, here she is (shh, she is asleep):

To give you an idea of size, she is lying on an A4 sized box.
and here is a close up of her face and front paws, hand embroidered by me none the less!!!

She is only my second machine sewn project and I can tell you that her tail was a pain to turn the right way and just as bad to stuff, thank God for rubber tipped pencils is all I can say!!
I did enjoy making her though and my daughter; who has adopted her, loves her. She is made from an old pair of my trousers and I used a torn piece of floral fabric to make her collar and tied it into a bow.
I ventured into town yesterday, telling Tony that I wanted to have a scout around the charity shops, I was on the lookout for a sewing box. Well, after looking in 3 charity shops and finding nothing I popped into our local British Heart Foundation furniture shop and found this lovely old looking sewing box. It is high enough to use as a small table to put bits on when I am sewing. The inside of the lid has a huge pin cushion attached to it. The actual storage part is 7 1/2" high and 12 1/2" square. The whole thing is only slightly lower than my craft desk, so no bending down. The best bit was it only cost me a tenner :) It needs tarting up, so when I get a spare half hour I will probably paint it cream and do something crafty with the sides and top. Any ideas gladly welcome!

I also found this moose? in another charity shop. She looked so sad sitting all alone on the shelf there that I just had to buy her. She is wearing a green gingham dress with a matching bow in her hair and a green cardigan over the top of her dress. How cute is she! When stood up she is about 12" tall, but she prefers to sit! I have called her myrtle (hoping she is a moose).

I have had the day from hell today, probably to make up for the fun times I have had over Christmas. I woke up this morning and realised that I only have 2 weeks left in order to get my university assignment done. This is the assignment from hell and I have had doubts about my ability to get it done today, but I have finished for the night now and feel a bit better about it. I have managed to get loads done for it, including sorting out all the rough data into some sort of order and have made rough drafts of the graphs and tables needed. Thats the worst bit done. I just need to get it all down on paper now in an even better order. I will have a go at starting that task tomorrow, but I know it won't get me a good mark this time! Oh well, anything over 40% is a pass, so I am hoping for 41%.
Well, it's now 20 past midnight and my craft room is a complete mess, but I will blissfully ignore it all until tomorrow, I will just step over it all and go to bed now, safe in the knowledge that I have broken the back of that bloody assignment.
Goodnight all. x


  1. The kitty cushion is amazing! You are so very talented, looks like it was worth the hard work :) Good luck on the assignment :)

  2. hi niki, great post, love the sewing box. you could always paint it cream or white and then get some samples of floral-cath kidston wallpaper and cover each side, mmm sounds good to me, also love the cat well done katharine

  3. Your cat is cute - wish I could sew. Good luck with the assignment. x