Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year to one and all.

This is what I woke up to this morning. Snow, lovely white fluffy snow.

This is the view from my front window, so wintery!! I love it. I was hoping it would carry on coming down thick and fast all day, but...

sadly it was quite short lived, it soon turned to sleet; which melted the snow :(
Last night, probably whilst others were at parties getting drunk seeing in the new year, I was busy on my sewing machine. I made this Cath Kidston bag, the material came free with her book that I got for Christmas. I even managed to do the button holes, so the bag has adjustable length handles. Thank God for the 1 step buttonhole on my new sewing machine!! My machine is looking less scary with everything I make :)
I managed to get some more of my uni assignment done today, still got loads more to do, but I now think that I will get it done by the 11th Jan (hand in day!)
I found out today that my husband is a terrible liar. I wanted a cup of coffee in my fav creme egg mug, but it wasn't in the kitchen. I know my husband was bitten by the tidy bug just before Christmas (anyone who knows him knows that he has OCD big time) so asked him if he had thrown it away (he has this thing about us having too many mugs). Well, he said no and just stood there staring at the shelf it used to sit on, then started laughing, but still denying any knowledge to it's whereabouts. He is such a terrible liar, I can read him like a book and yet he still insists on playing the 'I don't know card'. My coffee just doesn't taste the same in any other mug, good job the supermarkets have the Easter eggs in now, I can go and replace my lost mug!
Anyway, I am going to get myself another Smirnoff Ice and have a looksie round blogland.
See you all later x x

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  1. I woke to snow again this morning. It's snowed most of the day too :)