Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Been away for such a long time!

As the title of this post says, I have been away from here for such a long time!
A lot has happened since my last post. We ahve had more snow than I can remember, I have had a bout of depression (of which I am now coming out the other side) and I have managed to get my #3 assignment done and handed into uni on time (just about).
On the uni side of my life I have been really enjoying my degree work, but this last assignment was hard for me to do due to the depression, I hate depression. It gets in the way of so much stuff, so much stuff I should be doing. But I managed to get it done with very limited concentration and handed it in on time. I was convinced that my marks would be rubbish for this one and had warned my tutor that it was rubbish. Imagine my surprise when I had an individual tutorial with him and he told me it was good and in line for a distinction mark!!! The only word I could say to him was 'really?'
Work life is crap at the moment! I was put forward and offered the role of temporary Senior teaching assistant, covering for the STA who was on long term sick; which I happily took. I signed the temp contract on the Tuesday only to be told on the Thursday that the STA would be back at work the following Monday!! Just my luck, the ink hadn't even dried on the contract!!!
Well, to cut a long and incredibly boring story short, she has now handed her notice in and far from being offered the job permanently, I have found out that I have to apply for it, along with anyone else who wants to go for it. Fair enough, but how am I going to feel about applying for it and not getting it. It would be like a slap in the face. I was good enough while they needed cover, but not good enough to do it permanently!! I am now not sure if I want to put myself through that.
On the home front life has been up and down! C came home from uni last weekend, it was nice having him home and he brought 2 uni friends back with him. The thing is, we didn't really see much of him at all :( Good job it's Easter soon and he will be home for more than a weekend this time :)
B is fine, she is still enjoying photography in 6th form, she also still hates Maths with a passion, she just doesn't get it and yet they are making her resit her GCSE because she got a D in it last year! So ok, a D isn't as good as an A, B or C, but come on, she has Aspergers and she has always had real difficulty with Maths. What's even worse is the fact that her school have done nothing since the day she started there to help her improve her maths skills. As far as we are concerned a D is bloody great for her and instead of making her resit it, the school should be celebrating the fact that she got a D even without their bloody help! Never mind though, the people who matter to her are very, very proud of her achievements :)

The dog is still as nutty as ever and still loves to pinch shoes and take them under the stairs to hold in his mouth, he doesn't chew them, he just holds them. Attention seeking behaviour? oh yes indeed it is!

Anyway, time for a coffee before bed. I just can't seem to stay up late these days, is it due to my age?
I do hereby promise to update this blog slightly more frequently than I have been doing of late!

As a last comment, my life if o.k at the moment, long may it stay this way :)
Niki x x

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