Saturday, 2 January 2010

Need to practise more!!!

After seeing Jackies rag doll that she made today, I told her that I would put my raggedy doll
here for her to laugh at!!! Here you go Jackie, get the Tena Lady ready!!
Her name is Ruby, due to her ruby red hair!!! She wears a red gingham dress with pink apron over the top.

Anyway, onto other things. I had a great day out today with Kath. We went to Hythe and had a mooch around the charity shops, I got Rubys hair from one of them! I also got a small table top ironing board, that will save me having to get the full sized ironing board out just to press a hem or seam! Along with Rubys hair I also got a lot of other coloured wool, a rag doll, a raggedy doll money box, 3 sheets to use for quilting, a cup cake momey box, a cup cake trinket holder where the top lifts off and some primitive style christmas ornaments. We then went to the fabric wharehouse in Ashford where I bought 2 metres of cotton curtain lining, a metre of calico, 2 x 1 metres of gingham, 4 metres of quilt wadding and a metre of iron on interfacing. I also got some leather sewing needles for my machine, some denim needles, some bobbins, a taylors chalk and a set of doll needles!
I am really pleased with my purchases and now all I have to do is find soemwhere for them all to live!! A job for tomorrow maybe!
I am now going to show Tony my doll and let him have a good laugh before he goes to bed!!
Night all x x.


  1. Aww thats brilliant!
    Cath aka coreysmum on UKS x

  2. Oh she's really sweet. I used to have a waist like that. Really. Rica Rac and all!

  3. Ruby is so cute. Wish I could sew.

  4. So cute - looks great for a first, very impressed as a complete sewing novice :)

  5. Ooo I think Ruby is lovely :D
    J xx

  6. She's sweet, you have done a great job. Raggy dolls are my favourite.