Friday, 16 September 2011

I'm back

After what is most probably a very long time, I am finally back to blogging. It seems that a lot has changed since I was last here. For a start a few blogs that I was following seem to have gone by the wayside! Bl;ogger has also decided to make some changes; which seems to now keep logging me out if I try to make any changes to my blog!
Well, quite a bit has happened in my life since I last blogged.
We had to have our lovely dog put to sleep last November, he had a brain tumour which couldn't be treated. We decided that it was fairer for him to go instead of suffering for any longer. It was so sad and I still miss him dearly and even now I catch myself looking down to the floor under my desk when I move my chair. I always  used to check I wasn't going to run him over with the wheels of my desk chair whenever I moved it.
This is a picture of my lovely and dearly missed dog, Skip. R.I.P Skipton, we all still miss you. xx

This year has seen me complete my 3 years at university. If you remember I was studying for a BSc in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Well, I have recently heard that I passed with First Class Honours, I am really proud of myself considering I thought that I wasn't cut out for studying at uni level! I just wish that my parents were still here so I could let them know. I am sure they would have been very proud of me. I graduate in November and can't wait :-)

I am still a Teaching Assistant at my local S.E.N school, but am now going for my accreditation to become a Lead Practitioner in ABA (Applied behaviour Analysis). My school is opening up an ABA unit next September and I have been invited to be a part of that. All I have to do is get through this year now! I thought I would be o.k with still just being a T.A until this unit opens up, but I just feel undervalued now and feel that the school is taking advantage of my knowledge without any recognition of my worth. Maybe I am just being silly and expected too much when I finished uni, but that's how I feel.

Craig is now going into his third year at Hertfordshire uni, he loves it and we are so very proud of him.
Becky passed her photography course in 6th Form and again we are so very proud of her, she is a natural with the camera, refusing to use auto for any shots she takes. I on the other hand won't take my camera off the auto setting!

I have been busy making cards and doing a bit of sewing since finishing uni in July, but my scrapbooking has taken a knocking, I have only managed to do one layout in the last 4 months, my mojo having got up and left me ages ago! I really need to find it again as I have so many photos that need scrapping.
I will upload some of the cards I have made soon and hopefully I will also be able to upload at least 1 layout as well :-)
Well, that's about it for now, oh if my sister Kath reads this... Well done on starting your teaching degree and best of luck with it all. x

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