Monday, 16 August 2010

I've had my lamp posted on another blog!

In my search for other blogs about re-doing old, found and ugly items I came across Better After , A fantastic blog about all things redone. My ugly swan lamp has been featured on there and I am so pleased. I absouletely love all the items that are shown on there and it makes me wish that I lived in America. Their second hand shops are so much better than ours in the U.K and they seem to find lots of lovely furniture on the side of the road that others throw out, I so wish I could find stuff on the side of the road.
Anyway, I love that my lamp is there for others to see, I am just hoping that people like my 'after' :-).

The kitchen is being redone and at the moment it is an empty shell, but the electrics have been done and the walls have been plastered. I am hoping the units will be fitted tomorrow and that the whole room will be nearly complete by Friday. The whole house is full of dust, but I can't see the point in cleaning too much until the majority of the dirty work is done.
I have lots of projects I want to get on with, but they will have to wait until the kitchen has been done.
The projects I have to do include:
spray paint the 2 red metal drawer units in my craft room.
repaint the cute chest of drawers I got cheap.
Paint 2 wooden candle sticks.
Paint and retile the old kitchen unit I got really cheap ( I know I am getting a new kitchen, but this unit will house my electric kitchen equipment in one place and it's cute:-)).

I am hoping to get these done before I go back to work in September, wish me luck!

Better get to bed now, workmen restart at 8 a.m in the morning!!!!!

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