Sunday, 8 June 2008

whoa! so long ago!!

It's been ages since I have blogged, my excuse being that I have a fractured elbow!! I fractured it back in February, but it's still really painful, I am now back at work though, thank god for that, I got sooo bored being at home. (I haven't been off work since I did it though, just the last 5 weeks!!)

My best news is that in October I start University, I am so excited about it. I am sure i ahve already written about it, but now it's all sorted and final. I am taking a 3 yr honors Degree in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. I have all my note books, pens, files and folders at the ready, may buy a laptop if I feel that I will need one.

On the crafting side of my life I have been busy getting my Wales holiday album done, only 8 more pages to do then it will finally be done and dusted, thankfully, I am getting fed up with doing it now and can't wait till it's all done.

C has been taking his A levels this last week and in his spare time he has been playing rock band on his Xbox, my god that drum kit is soo loud and he insists on playing it at stupid o' clock at night!!
B has been getting her course work done for her GCSE's, weird, she is in year 10 and already getting course work done for next year.

I have done Aprils pages for the save the day by Shimelle and have the photo's ready to scrap for May, I will need to get a wriggle on to get then scrapped in the book before the 25th of June hits me at full pelt. This year seems to be going so fast, it's already half way through, not long till Christmas now, HA HA HA HA!!

Well, I feel better for getting this blog up to date, don't think I have missed anything, oh, apart from I have found that I am starting to buy from Ebay again, I haven't bought anything from there in years, but the last couple of weeks has found me winning some crafty goodies at stupid prices, so I am a happy bunny at the moment:)

I will try to keep this updated, but i can't promise, ha ha! Life has a habit of getting in the way sometimes!
bye for now,

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