Sunday, 25 July 2010

Free lamp and cheap finds.

I joined a local group pn Facebook where poeple posted items they wanted to get rid of. A woman was getting rid of a lamp and when I saw it I loved the look of it. I picked it up last weekend and it has sat in my lounge waiting for me to do something with it.
Here is the lamp as it looked when I got it.

You can just about make out a swans head on the right hand side near where the plug is tucked. The opposite side has been knocked off so when I got it home I carfeully sawed the head off to make it equal both sides.
I then put a bulb in it to check that it actually worked. Yippee, it does work :)
Yesterday I went into town with Tony to buy some spray paint and primer. I have wante to try spray painting for a while so thought this lamp would be a good starting project. I also bought a shade for it as it was missing it's hat.
Here is the finished lamp. I'm not sure about the shade, I think I need to get a shade with some fringing as it looks a bit short as it is. Either that or I will find or make some fringing to put at the base of the shade. The shade has clear beads sewn into it, so I could make a bead fringe to match. What do you think?
The outside ends of the twisted parts is where the broken piece and the swans head was. I love the pattern on the body of the lamp.
This is the base of the lamp, I love the scrolls on the feet.
Anyway, for my first attempt at spray painting I think it has turned out ok. I used Plasticote antique cream and apart from the smell and the fact I had no mask, it was easy.
Other stuff I have got cheap at bootfairs, secondhand shops, or charity shops include 2 brand new low bookcases for £6, a large computer desk that I have been searching for for ages as the one I have my PC on is only big enough for the PC, not good as I am at uni and need space for books and note making. I got the desk at my local British Heart Foundation furniture shop for £25. I got it for that price as it had just turned up and was in 3 pieces and I said I would have it delivered like that ( I checked that all bits were there). I also got a cute chest of drawers that has already been painted white. The chest has 8 drawers, there are 4 wide down the left and down the right there are 4 narrow. I will get new handles for the drawers and may repaint it, but not sure yet. The chest of drawers is being delivered tomorrow and the desk is arriving Tuesday.
In other news, Tony is now off work for 2 weeks and after we have sorted out the desk area on Tuesday we plan to take the kids out, just for day trips, Hever Castle on Saturday for definite, but we still need to sort out where for other days. London is usually a good bet as we all enjoy going to London :)
School is now shut for the summer, so I have nearly 6 weeks to myself, so some crafting will take place here. I will definetely make Becky a tote bag as she keeps pinching the one I made for myself and I want to make some cards and do some scrapping; which I haven't done for ages.
Tony also wants me to make some coconut muffins, so they will get made this week sometime.
Anyway, time for a coffee, let me know what you think of the lamp and what I can do to the shade to make it look better, please!


  1. Lovely lamp stand, really vintagey pretty :)

  2. Wow that's a dramatic change, well done. Think the shade looks Ok as it is personally.

  3. You have made such a beautiful job of that lamp. I think fringing would be beautiful.

    Will be looking to see what other transformations you make in the future.

  4. Hi Nikki! Thanks for the congrats :)

    Love what you've done with this lamp!! A beaded addition to the shade would be awesome!
    n xox