Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Same old, same old!!

I have been back at work for 2 days now, after having the christmas holidays off and it's the same old routine again- get up at 6.30am, wake Becky up, get showered and dressed, shout at Becky to get up and ready for school, go downstairs to let dog out and make coffee, shout at Becky again, get Becky's lunch ready, load washing machine, feed dog, shout at Becky yet again, have coffee and a ciggie, wake Craig up, walk out of door at 8.05am (after making sure Becky is now ready for school) and get lift to work, arrive at work at 8.15am.
I had a good day at work, luckily all the children came back to school happy after their holiday:) I took down the christmas art displays, after taking photo's of them for my portfolios of work- ready for new art displays to go in their place. This term we are working on texture, so i need to start thinking about what sort of things the children can make and do during art and DT.

Got home from work and had dinner ready by 6pm when Tony came home from work, to be told that he is now thinking about getting a new job, he has had enough of his current job and wants a totally different career, not helping that his new boss is a right pain and everyone has already had a snotty letter from him about their working practises. When i read the letter i was shocked to think that anyone who is new to the post, even a boss, can be this harsh, he obviously doesn't have a clue what his branch can acheive and just what his staff have sacrificed for the company!!
Today has been better though, Tony came home and said that he will stick it out until he finds another job rather than jumping at the first one that comes along (he was offered a landscape gardening job yesterday). I didn't mean to put him off that job, but i must admit that when he said that he wouldn't be taking it I was so relieved, we have too many commitments for him to be jumping into something he knows nothing about and a job that is probably more seasonal than most. How many people want their gardens landscaped in the middle of winter???

I had every intention of doing some scrapbooking tonight, even printed out a couple of photo's, but i am feeling tired and just want to go to bed at 8.30pm?????
Might have to go and have a coffee to try to keep myself awake for another hour!!I will get a LO done tomorrow and I will upload it here when it's done, I promise!!

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