Friday, 27 June 2008

The weekend at last:-)

Thank Crunchie it's Friday.
Firstly, I must correct a typo in my last post- I stupidly put the name of a great site as glittergirlz but in fact it is called GutterGirlz!!! Don't know why I put glitter in place of Gutter, must have been using glitter that evening:-)

I have found these amazing things that I must tell you all about!! Prismacolor pencils:-) OK, so you have probably heard about these fantastic little sticks of colour, but it was only this last week that I found out just how gorgeous they really are, they colour like a dream, blend so well it's almost unbelievable and are just the most super colouring medium that I have ever come across!

Anyway, tomorrow I am going to my sisters house for the day and we are going to be crafting in peace, no kids, no husbands, no annoying but lovable dog asking to be stroked, just me and my sister, a pile of patterned paper and loads of craft stuff to play with, pure bliss:-)

I haven't really got a lot to write about today, could carry on letting off steam about work, but what's the point?? I am sure things will pan out eventually, one way or the other!!
One thing though, I have been asked by a friend to make 3 memory books, I just need to know what sort of budget i have to work with then i can get them started. I have also been asked to be editor of our works monthly in-house social newsletter starting in September and I have accepted the position:)
I will keep this updated a bit more regularly, see you all soon. X

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  1. You have a sister who does craft... you blessed!