Saturday, 21 June 2008

oh Bugger it!

WARNING: there is some swearing in the following post, please do not bother reading it if you have an aversion to swearing!

I have had the crappiest last few days ever at work this week. I so felt like not going in today due to someone making a snide comment yesterday, but went in anyway and then today she does the same bloody thing. If the comment came from anyone else i wouldn't have thought anything about it, but coming from this person made me really angry. I have had just about enough now and I can see me getting into big trouble at work becasue of her if she carries on this way.
I feel like shit anyway, feeling really down at the moment, but trying to hide it at work because i don't like getting sympathy anyway, but worse is from people who are just being sympathetic on the surface but really couldn't give a shit about you, they just give it to look good in front of others. So to be honest i could really do without this rubbish just now!
It's a good job no-one from work knows i have a blog, but just in case anyone does see this from work, "bugger off, this is my space not yours and what i write here has nothing to do with you" LOL.

Anyway, sorry about the swearing, I can't help it, i am still so angry and I have decided that this blog is not only for the stuff i make, but also a place where i can let off steam and say the things that i want to say!
I am just so glad it's the weekend, gives me a couple of days to calm down.

I'm not going to bother writing anymore tonight, probably said too much anway!

But i will say one thing crafty... you have got to check out the GlitterGirlz blog, it is full of great inspiration and challenges, I have put a link into my side bar, go click on it and see what i mean, fanatstic work there:-)

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